Electronluv was founded in 2002 with the goal of
creating ampifiers that look as distinctive as they sound.

     Each piece is extraordinarily conceived and crafted with attention to visual detail and to warm, accurate, distortion-free, vibrant hi-fi sound. Electronluv indviually manufactures each component into a rich, full custom stereo system. Five way horn speaker systems are outfitted with the finest voice components, including field coil drivers machined from stock material to exacting tolerances. Amplifiers integrate a challenging and satisfying selection of tubes and electronic components. Our inspiration is drawn from myriad sources, from today's boutique and industry experts, and from transmission and amplification technology of the last century. Electronluv boasts a fully equipped machining and wood shop, and can handle any manufacturing challenge, no matter the scale.

Let us design a listening experience for you.

Horns & Speakers

Amps & Pre-amps

Turntables & Misc

About Electronluv

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Electronluv has been featured in publications such as CNET, The City Weekly, The Salt Lake Tribune, SLUG Magazine, as well as 6 Moons and the Good Sound Club. Electronluv has also been featured on Uniquely Utah and has had work on display for Craft Lake City.

         Josh Stippich started making the things he needed at a young age. He built model planes and RC cars. Unhappy with kits and hobby stores, he would make parts form the raw materials in his artist parents' garage. He was a better engineer than a pilot, however, and when he crashed his planes he had to move on to other projects. He began to record and run live sound for his friends' bands. Unsatisfied with the gear options available on a tight budget he started making his own equipment, and got hooked. Within a few years he been gotten completely absorbed in hi-fi audio world. His stereos were inspired by japanese amplifier builder, whose builds emphasized pleasing sound, rather than strict published electronic strategies. His amplifiers were well received at audio conferences, and he gained a reputation as ambitious and gifted young hi-fi builder. He was picked up to build dramatic and impressive horn speaker systems for demanding clients. These horn systems exist on a grand scale and an unrivaled artistic value. Since 2001, Josh also runs a fabrication shop in Salt Lake City with his brother Sol Adams and a team of skilled, creative individuals. Each craftsman brings their unique experience and inspiration to electronluv components. We invite you to come see our shop, and listen to our horn stereo system in downtown Salt Lake City.